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I have been fascinated by a wide variety of subjects my whole life. My interest in aviation stems from growing up next to Barksdale Air Force Base and my time in the library there. My love of reading and books nurtured my interest in science and history. It was during the golden age of arcade games that I fell in love with video games and through the early editions of Dungeons & Dragons that I developed a devotion to table-top role-playing games. My artwork and publications reflect these themes; aviation, science, history, and science fiction as well as a smattering of more abstract or commercial pieces. Having been a professor for over twenty years my interests have varied over time as I keep exploring the broad gamut of subject matter avaible within games.

Johnson is a Professor of Game Development and Computer Art at the Savannah College of Art and Design, where he started and developed the Game Development program. With a background in graphic design, he focused his Master's degree work on computer animation and 3-D modeling. More recently, he authored the ENnie nominated Developing Creative Content for Games, Getting Started in ZBrush, and TOONZY! the Cartoon Role Playing Game. He is proficient in a number of 3-D modeling, sculpting, and art programs plus a variety of computer languages. Johnson is currently focused on game design, development and writing.

Download a copy of my curriculum vitae here.